Shared Resources as a Service (Software Development)

“Shared Resources as a Service”

We help entrepreneurs, corporations, SMEs, and incubators/accelerators build software solutions, launch technology startups, or conduct technology related R&D

Hiring software development resources is time consuming and expensive!

We help our clients fill gaps using our network of 600+ vetted software developers.

We also ensure that these resources are managed by our team, have access to the technology tools they need to work, have access to a working space, and are covered with a health insurance plan.


We provide a premium service to those that don’t want to invest in hiring a full-time software development team, which is relevant to most technology related projects. The same service applies to clients that are looking for fresh graduates or experienced developers to conduct technology related R&D.

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Other services

Venture Building as a Service

We help our clients ideate, validate, define, and build venture concepts using the Dialogue Framework for Venture Building (Broad, Narrowed, & Centered Dialogue).

Venture Builder as a Platform

A “ready to use” digital venture building platform, customized to our clients’ industry, thesis, and needs. Our platform serves as an internal venture building arm.

Venture Capital Portfolio Development

We help Venture Capital firms provide a platform driven support to their portfolio companies using a Venture Building Framework.


  • Ideation, validation, and definition of technology concepts
  • Change management for digital transformation