CTO in Residence


CTO in Residence

The role

Dialogue Ventures is looking for partners to lead the software development of our venture concepts. We research industries, ideat venture concepts, validate them in the market, and build them iteratively; thus, our partners are scrappy yet follow industry standard software development methodologies and tools. Our current focus in on B2B SaaS and mobile-first solutions.


  • Advise on the feasibility of venture concepts from a software development perspective.
  • Assist early-stage venture builders in designing, validating, and developing venture concept.
  • Work with early-stage venture builders on understanding the feasibility of product features to maintain a realistic feature funnel.
  • Define and propose the right tech-stack for building a venture’s proof of concept and scaling it to a full-fledged solution in the future.
  • Recruiting software development talent: no-code, front-end, back-end, middleware, mobile developers..etc
  • Setting software development architecture design documentation/guidelines for venture concepts.
  • Working with early-stage builders in translating product features into technical requirements.
  • Managing the software development team’s weekly/bi-monthly releases.
  • Scouting, vetting, hiring a CTO for the venture concept when the time is right, generally after a pre-seed or seed round.


  • Led or currently leading a software development team. (Team Management)
  • Worked with front-end, back-end, cross-platform, and mobile development teams in the past, please let us know if you are specialized in one (Web vs Mobile).
  • Excellent communication skills : hates micro-managing and loves delegating to more junior software developers.
  • Deep understanding of the latest tech-stacks.

Engagement model

This is a project based role (part-time or contract) and would lead to a full-time position if the candidate is interested after completing one project.

Applying for the role

Send us an email with your resume, LinkedIn profile, and availability; we don’t do cover letters, but include one if you want.