Venture Studio

Dialogue Ventures is a thesis driven venture studio, not an incubator, accelerator, or a VC fund.


Thesis driven venture studios build startups from scratch, and provide them with ongoing support as a Co-Founder until they exit.

Incubators, Accelerators, and Venture Capital support successful startups post the launch stage and for a specific period of time.

Startups coming out of Venture Studios have a 60% higher chance in raising a Series A funding round.

What is a Venture Studio?

Best described as “Company Creation Funds”, Venture Studios, an emerging asset class, utilize thesis for ideation and a methodological venture building process to launching a startup concept from scratch.

We ideate, validate, and define startup concepts using the Dialogue Framework for Venture Building (Broad, Narrowed, & Centered Dialogue); a stage gated, standardized and accessible process of 0 to 1 venture building; the framework lowers risk by matching assumptions with knowledge.


We build and scale startups with a corporate partner using a “shared resources” model, providing our startups with access to 600+ Software Development, Product Management, Design, Sales, Finance, and Legal subject matter experts until they raise an institutional funding round (Seed or Series A).

Our venture building thesis

Bridging the gap between corporations and SMEs in emerging markets by building B2B SaaS and PaaS startups that solve for digital infrastructure problems.

We research industries utilizing our venture building methodology and a network of subject matter experts to uncover problem and opportunity areas that can be solved for by creating new technology driven startups that are desirable, feasible, profitable and scalable.

We are currently exploring opportunity areas and startup concepts across:


Future of work




ESG for Startups and VC


Enterprise Blockchain


Medical Data

Geographical focus:

➕ Middle East

➕ Africa

➕ Southeast Asia

Primary markets:


➕ Saudi Arabia

➕ Jordan

➕ Egypt

➕ Turkey

➕ Morocco

Secondary markets:

➕ Indonesia

➕ Vietnam

➕ Thailand

➕ Malaysia

➕ Nigeria

➕ Kenya

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