Venture Capital Portfolio Development

“The venture builder take on portfolio development”

It’s important for venture capital firms to support their portfolio companies during uncertain times.

Portfolio development is resource and capital intensive!

We help Venture Capital firms provide a platform driven support to their portfolio companies!

We facilitate the creation of portfolio development solutions using a phase-gated, standardized, and accessible process.


Our portfolio development solutions are


We ship multiple versions of the solution as opposed to building all at one; we ship fast!


We help you own the process and only outsource when needed


We build around desirability, feasibility, and scalability


We build solutions for emerging markets

We develop solutions around

TAM increase via a portfolio layer cake opportunities

(Portfolio cross-selling integrations)

Cross-platform GTM

(Partnerships, Sales leadership: intros & play books, Network visibility tools)

Product-led innovation

(Expert networks, EIR programs, API integration support)

Portfolio integrated services

(Payment processing, Lending, Insurance, Payroll)

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Other services

Venture Building as a Service

We help our clients ideate, validate, define, and build venture concepts using the Dialogue Framework for Venture Building (Broad, Narrowed, & Centered Dialogue).

Venture Builder as a Platform

A “ready to use” digital venture building platform, customized to our clients’ industry, thesis, and needs. Our platform serves as an internal venture building arm.


  • Ideation, validation, and definition of technology concepts
  • Change management for digital transformation

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