“We are obsessed with de-risking via methodology and venture building frameworks”

Venture Building Workshops

We offer a venture building program to help ideate, validate, and define technology concepts. The program consists of ten workshops; participants are able to join in-person or virtually via the Dialogue Workspace.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to ideate, validate, define, and pitch technology concepts using the Dialogue Framework for Venture Building.

The program includes

➕ An introduction to the Dialogue Framework for Venture Building

➕ Workshops on ideation, validation, and definition of technology concepts

➕ A workshop on change management for digital transformation projects

➕ A workshop on pitching technology concepts to internal and external stakeholders

The program serves

Corporations interested in conducting internal venture building or digital transformation

Family offices looking to to support their existing portfolio or explore new opportunities

Government agencies interested in developing initiatives and public private partnerships (PPPs)

VCs looking to develop their portfolio

Market Expansion Workshops

We’ve developed a market expansion program to help early and late stage startups plan their market expansion. The program consists of five to ten workshops; participants are able to join in-person or virtually via the Dialogue Workspace.

Our market expansion/entry canvas helps identify the needs and challenges a startup faces while expanding into new markets.


By the end of the program, startups will develop a market expansion strategy using the Dialogue Market Expansion Canvas.

The program includes

➕ A report that educates startups on the factors, needs, and challenges shaping market expansion

➕ A market expansion canvas to help startups identify their expansion needs and challenges

➕ A framework to ideate solutions for each need or challenge

The program serves

Startups interested in developing a market expansion strategy

Government entities looking to support the startup ecosystem

Accelerators looking to support their portfolio

VCs looking to support their portfolio

The Dialogue Workspace

➕ Real-time communication and feedback loops, our workspace enables collaboration via chat, voice, video and screen sharing

➕ Teams can share tasks and co-create for tangible results

➕ This brings transparency to the learning process

➕ Uncovers biases and blind spots


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Other services:

Venture Building as a Service

We help our clients ideate, validate, define, and build venture concepts using the Dialogue Framework for Venture Building (Broad, Narrowed, & Centered Dialogue).

Venture Builder as a Platform

A “ready to use” digital venture building platform, customized to our clients’ industry, thesis, and needs. Our platform serves as an internal venture building arm.

Venture Capital Portfolio Development

We help Venture Capital firms provide a platform driven support to their portfolio companies using a Venture Building Framework.

Shared Resources as a Service (Software Development)

Hiring software development resources is time consuming and expensive; we solve for this case by helping our clients fill talent gaps using our network of 600+ vetted software developers.