Venture Builder as a Platform

A “ready to use” digital venture building platform

Setting up an internal venture building arm or a venture studio requires methodology, process, and talent.

Customized to our clients’ industry, thesis, and needs; our Platform as a Service solution offers a digital workspace and a unique framework knowledge base of “dialogue building blocks” to take a venture idea from 0 to 1.

The platform allows our clients to setup an internal venture building arm or a venture studio in a matter of weeks!

Our Venture Builder as a Platform offering includes:

A digital workspace

➕ Communication

➕ Collaboration

➕ Documentation

A dialogue-driven venture building process

➕ Methodology

➕ Templates

➕ Guidelines

Onboarding and ongoing support

➕ Industry research

➕ Shared resources

➕ Expert network

Unbiased team recruitment

➕ Attracting, screening, and vetting

➕ Onboarding and training

Adopting our framework allows your teams to come up with novel and useful ideas. First, their day to day reveals where practical challenges and opportunities lie and, second, the iterative implementation of strategies, services or solutions does not require a lot of internal campaigning for buy-in as the innovation is native to the system itself, which addresses questions of effectiveness. Thirdly, low technology and resource debt (via Dialogue Ventures) makes the enterprise so much more affordable, even in times of economic uncertainty and austerity, hence, increases the overall efficiency of the innovation process.

The Dialogue Workspace

➕ Real-time communication and feedback loops, our workspace enables collaboration via chat, voice, video and screen sharing

➕ Teams can share tasks and co-create for tangible results

➕ This brings transparency to the learning process

➕ Uncovers biases and blind spots


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